What is Fake or Dummy Cameras ?

Crime rate has increased in the recent past. Those who are aware of this fact try to surveille their homes and premises. Others feel that just creating the impression that the property is being surveilled is good enough. Dummy cameras, also known as fake cameras, are edifices that look like surveillance cameras. They are usually conspicuously connected to the building for all to see. When crime prevention goes hi-tech, criminals also up their game.

This is the problem with such dummies. They do not fool experienced criminals. The following are the reasons why.

Blinking light

If you are like me, you have told a lie once or twice in your life. If you take a bit of time to analyze what you said in the lie you would probably realize that you gave more information than you would have given if you were telling the truth. It is the same with fake surveillance cameras. Most of them include a blinking red light to create the impression that they are actually working. The problem is that most of the real cameras do not have this light. A knowledgeable criminal would begin doubting the functionality of the camera. To make a dummy camera more believable, you should buy one without that red light.

Many Dummy Cameras Move Haphazardly in All Directions

The movements of a real camera is graceful. They move in long swinging motions, usually following an individual in their field of vision. This is another detail that anybody acquainted with the workings of security cameras would know. The role of criminals is to surveille the surveillance so they know.

Dummy cameras also move but they move in a haphazard manner. In all directions, it can make a 180 degree turn then rapidly do a 90 degree turn. The worst case of this is when only a few moves are programmed and repeated. In such a case a person would only need to observe the camera until it exhausts its moves and start the series again. Then they would know that it is a dummy. To deal with this problem, the property owner should buy a dummy whose movements are not conspicuous. The dummy of a dome camera may be ideal in this case.

Fake cameras are cheaper than real ones. However, heir worth in case of a crime is not much.The best solution for this is to buy a functional surveillance system. Currently, there are functional cameras in the market that cost almost as little as the dummies. Some of them do not have the capacity to record but they are still better than the dummies. If a fake must absolutely be procured, it should one with a passable semblance for the real one even to the hardened criminal.

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